ICCORE supports its customers and partners with the following Consultancy work in order to help them create new markets and enhance their foot print by using ICCORE products with successful deployments.

1) Smart Card Production, Support & Delivery

We help our partners to produce and personalize the Smart Cards according to the international standards with very secure data and physical security processes. In each process ICCORE consultants would guide their customers or partners carefully to accomplish successful delivery of final Smart Cards to the end users. ICCORE team roles in this process simply as follows;
1.1. Providing OS and PrePerso Scripts
1.2. Checking production logs and approval
1.3. Debugging if there is any technical burden which could not be solved by the partner or end customer.

2) Smart Card - Reader Communication Analysis & Reporting

In case of any problems faced by our partners or end customers during the launch of any smart cards that they provide from any supplier, ICCORE team has the ability to go on site and collect logs and traces and prepare an explicit report of the issue with all the possible solution propositions.
If customers want the solution to be implemented by ICCORE, our development teams would implement the correct architecture and coding to deliver the product in the required state on time with accuracy.

3) Smart Card Editing & Management Tools Building

ICCORE Smart Card Application tools are the mechanisms for ICCORE partners/customers to build profiles or applications quickly on ICCORE eNcore Smart Card Operating System for targeted end customer or market.
ICCORE Tools team would walk you through the development process to let you understand the insights of the tools and how to create local or international killer applications on Smart Card in global markets.

4) Smart Card Personalization Systems Building

ICCORE team has the relevant know-how to support its partners/customers in building Smart Card production and secure personalization systems. Thanks to the establishment of considerable amount of Smart Card facilities in the past, ICCORE team could lead you through the way to start producing your first Smart card!



5) Smart Card Industry History, Trends and The Future
6) Smart Card Security Fundamentals
7) Smart Card Application Development