ICCORE Technologies was established in 2017 in Izmir with the aim to provide Smart Card Operating system and applications to the global customers for various purposes and areas of usage.

ICCORE Technologies is consisted of highly caliber engineers who were active in Smart Card Industry since 1990's, bringing together a vast experience and skills in "C" and embedded coding, Java Scripting, SIM based & Mobile Applications, Database Science, Integration and Project Management.

Taking the advantage of wide network of partnerships locally and internationally, ICCORE is capable of serving to the segments of Banking, Government, Telecommunications, Transportation, Utilities [/highlight] and many more who are using Smartcards in their daily operations or as products /services sold to customers.

With the vision of 100 million units of Smart Card OS and Application licenses sales by the end of 2025, ICCORE would be one of the key players in EMEA region supplying chip modules and cards to its OEM partners or end customers world-wide.

ICCORE office is located in Izmir Institute of Technology/Technopark premises together with numerous Fin-Tech organizations.